Why Trump is a shithead...

There are FAR more reasons than below (including my personal experience with him which was brief but telling), but here are a few irrefutable FACTUAL reasons that our current "commander in chief," is a horrible piece of shit who shouldn't be allowed to make decisions about ANYTHING affecting our children's future.

1. Fake university:



2. Fake Charity:



3. He thinks he knows more than "science:" 



4. His environmental policy is: to sell off the environment at a profit:



5. He KNEW about the Russian bounty on US soldiers:



Also, he lies constantly, he cheats on his wife, he's accused of rape by multiple women (some of whom were underage at the time of offense). He was VERY tight with Epstein, etc. etc. The list goes on and on. These were just top of mind. But to anyone who denies all of the above, and/or acknowledges the above and STILL endorses this asshole, I ask you, do you think RUSSIA has America's best interest in mind? -Because every single US intelligence agency, Putin himself, and a GOP led senate committee has publicly confirmed that Russia in 2016, and today, engages in enormous efforts to get rump elected. Why would they do that? Hmm...

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